Cruising South to Egypt
Vika again posing for sexy pictures
Sexy Bow Sunpad of the yacht
Top Area equipped with drinks and ice

"OceanYacht in Eilat"

Yachts Eilat

Yachts Eilat


Special Summer Offer

Diving and snorkeling in Eilat

Luxury sailing in the paradise of the Gulf of Eilat aboard a beautiful yacht:

"Fairline Targa" 18 meters,  Elegant and Sporty.

With three cabins, two bathrooms and living room inside,

sun mattresses, table and sitting area on the top.

 (All with air conditioning)

Visitinig near the sea borders, with Jordan and with Egypt,
Crossing and stopping near the dolphin reef, swimming and snorkeling.

Exotic fruits, snacks, drinks and BBQ lunch included during the excursion.
Enjoy 4-5 hours in another dimension...

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